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What is public key verification?


Last updated on Aug 10, 2023

Public key verification allows us to confirm that you own the public key associated with your NostrPlebs account. For public key verification to succeed, the following are required:

  • Your NIP-05 ID must be configured correctly on your Nostr profile.

  • Your current NIP-05 ID must be set to an ID that you registered through nostrplebs.com.

  • Add the official Nostr Plebs relay: wss://relay.nostrplebs.com to your profile.

  • Or add one of the following relays to your profile that we monitor for changes:

    • Free relays:

      • wss://relay.nostr.info

      • wss://relay.damus.io

      • wss://relay.snort.social

      • wss://nostr-pub.wellorder.net

    • Paid relays:

      • wss://eden.nostr.land

      • wss://atlas.nostr.land

If you have any issues, see this help center article.

When public key verification succeeds, you will get access to the following:

  • Being listed on the directory

Verification is checked every 10 minutes and you may view it through the management portal.

Please note: If you change your NIP-05 ID to an ID hosted by yourself or another provider, your ID will be unverified. If you would like your ID to be verified again, all you would need to do is switch your ID back and wait for the directory to refresh. You may also contact us through support for an exemption.