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How do I manage my identifier?


Last updated on Aug 10, 2023

You can manage your identifier by going to this page.

You need to enter your password in the format of pw_AABBCCDDEEFFGGHH….

If you lost your password, please contact @semisol.dev or @derekross.me on Nostr.

When you log in, you are presented with multiple options:

  1. Setting your public key
    You can set your public key in case you moved to a new one.

  2. Changing your password
    If your password was leaked, you can change it.

  3. Copying your password
    If you forgot to save your password, you can get it here if you are still logged in.

I want to transfer my identity to someone else, what do I do?

You can give them the password to your identity, and let them reset it.