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What can I do with my identifier?


Last updated on Aug 10, 2023

Your identifier can be used as a handle to distinguish you from others from the same name. It also is easier to recognize than a long npub which allows you to distinguish yourself from impersonators.

You also get:

A vanity URL

Your NIP-05 ID can also be used as a Nostr profile vanity URL for easy sharing of your Nostr public key. Add https://nostrplebs.com/s/name to your bio on other social media sites, emails, etc. When tapping on this link, users will be directed to your Nostr profile via their installed Nostr app on their device, or to a web client if none is installed.

Example: https://nostrplebs.com/s/derekross

Listing on our directory

After setting your NIP-05, you will be listed on our directory, which allows people to discover Nostr profiles easily.

As an LN address

Your NIP-05 ID can be used as a Lightning address to receive bitcoin payments to another wallet. (See: Set up Lightning address forwarding )

Access to our private relay

You can add wss://relay.nostrplebs.com to your client after setting your NIP-05.

Nostr Nests linking

You can use your Nostr Plebs NIP-05 instead of your npub on Nostr Nests, which makes it easier to distinguish you from impersonators.

We are also working on more services.